Friday, June 28, 2013

Easy Veggi Pasta for kids

Pasta(Multigrain/ White/ Wheat) – 1 cup
Grated Carrot / Chopped baby carrot– ¼ cup and/or
Frozen / Fresh Peas – 2tbs  and/or
Frozen/ Fresh Corn – 2tbs  and/or
Chopped Broccoli – 2tbs  and/or
French Cut Beans  - 2tbs  and/or
Grated Cheese – 2tsp
Marinara Sauce – 4tbs

   Add Pasta to boiling water and when its half cooked add yours or your kid’s favorite one or two vegetables and cook until Pasta is completely cooked.   Drain excess water and add 4 tbs of marinara sauce, mix well until sauce is well  coated to Pasta.  Cook for 2 to 3minutes.
Transfer to a plate or lunch box and garnish with Cheese.