Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spaghetti Squash Indian Recipe

Spaghetti squash  - 1
French cut Beans(frozen) - 1lb
Garlic - 10
Chili Flakes - 1tsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Jeera - 1/2 tsp
Oil -2tsp

     Cook Spaghetti Squash according to the instruction on the squash or microwave for 10 min.
Note: Pierce the squash several times with a sharp knife. (Do this especially if you're microwaving it, or you may end up with a "Squash Explosion.")  Let it cool for 20 to 25 min.  Cut Spaghetti Squash into to 2 half then take out seeds,
 scoop out spaghetti using a spoon.

Heat up a  pan  with oil, Jeera and Chili flakes after a min add garlic, then add french cut beans and fry for few min. close the lid and let it cook until it become soft.
Add Cooked Spaghetti Squash, salt and fry for 8 to 10 min. Finally add garam masala and stir well.

Spaghetti squash can be server by it self or can be used to make Chapathi Roll.
Spread spaghetti squash on Chapathi

and Roll it. 

Cooked Spaghetti Squash Nutrition Facts: